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November 14 Newsletter

Dear friends,

As always, I hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy.

As we know, there has been a recent rise of cases in Ohio and all over the country, so we want to stay vigilant and careful.

We hope those of you with children and grandchildren, who are now eligible to receive vaccines, and those eligible for boosters, are getting them, to you give yourself additional virus protection and peace of mind going into the holiday season.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and we all want everyone to be go into, and come out, of the holiday season healthy and happy.

We Are Democrats Because We Care About Others and the World Around Us.

All my best and Democratically yours,
Bethe Goldenfield, Chair



Election Results

The certification of the November, 2, 2022 election will take place at the Board of Elections on Thursday, November 18, 2022 beginning at 9 a.m. Outstanding Absentee and Provisional Ballots cast will be reviewed and those which are deemed valid will be added to the count and the results will then be certified.

Again, thank you to all the candidates who ran for office, and for your dedication to public service and your commitment to our communities.  Thanks, too, to all the volunteers who supported the candidates financially, thru postcard writing and on the ground efforts. Special thanks to Peter Selden who stood up and managed the phone banking.

The unofficial results can be found here.

At the Ohio Statehouse:

Armed teachers bill passes out of committee
House committee chair presses state pharmacy board on ivermectin
We Deserve SO Much Better.

Pence was disloyal at exactly the right time’: author Jonathan Karl on the Capitol attack
Our democratic system of government is still very fragile and at great risk. We must all stay engaged to preserve it.

This day in 1960, 6-year-old Ruby Bridges braved a mob to attend William Frantz Elementary in New Orleans.

This section is courtesy of Ohio Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Brunner, who is running for Chief Justice in 2022.

This brave girl was the first child of color to attend the all-white public school. Norman Rockwell’s classic painting, “The Problem We All Live With” is poignant.

Bridges’ family suffered enormously—her father lost his job, her sharecropper grandparents were kicked off of their land and her parents eventually separated—but they also received support in the form of gifts, donations, a new job offer for her father, and even pro-bono security services from friends, neighbors and people around the country. The following year, the school became further integrated, and Bridges attended class with both Black and white children without major incident. Today, Bridges remains a household name and an icon of the civil rights movement.



Sign a Petition which could put a referendum on the ballot to overturn the recently passed unconstitutional “sanctuary city for the unborn” ordinance.

Contact Joy Bennett: joywbennett@gmail.com

Attend your city, village and township meetings

It is really important we make sure our elected officials are keenly aware that We The People are paying attention and are holding them accountable.

Our local municipality meeting calendar portal is now active! It lists the schedule of the meetings for the various municipalities and school boards (please let us know if you find any erroneous or missing data.)

Please start attending with a few others. When our elected officials realize people are paying attention, things often take a different tone. Contacting them on social media etc. is good, but having to face their constituents eye to eye is better.

As you know, many of the things that affect our day to day lives are enacted at the local level. In order to have an impact, we have to be part of the process, either by becoming elected officials or participating as active community members.<

November Meeting Wednesday, November 17, 7 p.m.

Since we are still not able to meet in person, please join us virtually via Facebook Live for an election recap from Special Guests from the Ohio Democratic Party, some candidates and an update on the Mason Referendum effort to reverse the recently passed “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinance.

Just in time for the holidays!

This stunning 2020/2021 QUILT “Home” Will be Awarded at the virtual November Meeting (Attendance NOT required)

​Donate $5 for one or $20 for 6 opportunities to make this quilt your own. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/quiltentry

The 8th quilt made by our generous, dedicated Quilting D’s is a work of art and love.

It is queen sized, patriotic themed quilt with many different red, white and blue “home” prints.

Appropriately named ‘Home’ this quilt features charming houses and tiny stars.

The Quilting D’s purposely added more BLUE houses than RED ones. The beautiful quilting lines enhance this wonderful quilt, and red and gold borders add to the overall scene.

4 matching pillows are included as part of the ensemble.

Donate $5 for one or $20 for 6 opportunities to make this quilt your own.

100% the donations generated from the quilt sale support our Party’s mission including training and supporting candidates running for office.

Click here to enter.

Your support is invaluable and is appreciated 

If you’ve been looking for a sign, now is the time to help financially support our efforts to recruit, train and support candidates who share our values. We also work hard to make our voices heard and to  counteract the false narratives being used by the Republican Party.

If you are inclined to support this effort, you can make a donation here.

Webinars, Trainings, Events & Opportunities

Resources and Messaging Guidance for LEADERs

LEAD Ohio’s resource hub has been updated with new messaging guides and toolkits on redistricting, Ohio’s voter suppression bill HB 294, Critical Race Theory, and more.

2022 LEADOhio Candidate Academy

LEAD Ohio is looking to train progressive minded candidates to run in the 2022 election and beyond. This training is designed for anyone who is remotely considering running for any of the following offices in the next year, whether or not you have made any formal plans to do so:

  • Statewide office (Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc)
  • US Congress
  • State Legislature (House or Senate)
  • County Executive offices (Commissioner, Auditor, Treasurer, etc)
  • Sheriff or Prosecutor
  • Judicial Office
  • Local Office (City Council, Township Trustee, School board)

One of our goals at LEAD Ohio is to help train those who are underrepresented in government, folks like women, people of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community.  While we place a special emphasis on recruiting these individuals, our classes are diverse and all are welcome to apply.

Applications must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Friday, November 19th.

Women LEADing Ohio Informational Session

Did you miss the recent session on November 8th?

Mark your calendar for a repeat session on Tuesday, December 14th to learn about how to get started if you are thinking about running for office. Registration link coming soon.

The session will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Who should consider running for office
  • What offices are available to run for
  • When you should begin planning to run
  • How to get on the ballot and begin planning your campaign
  • Why it is important for women to run for office in Ohio

National Democratic Training Committee

FREE comprehensive training for ALL Democrats and Progressives. In-person and online.

Not sure where to start? Take a short quiz to help you determine the best place for you to get started.

Community Mapping with AOTL

Community Mapping with AOTL Ohio Virtual Meeting

AOTL Ohio invites our supporters to draw their own community maps. Sign up for a time today and AOTL Ohio will interview you and help you draw your community map.

Fair Maps Training Series

Fair Maps Training Series

Monthly training to refine your skills in how to organize and advocate for fair districts for Ohio’s communities

Want to testify for / against a bill in an Ohio Statehouse committee? 

Is there an upcoming committee hearing for a bill you care about? Follow this process.  
Template provided by Rachel Coyle from How Things Work at the Ohio Statehouse

Reproductive Rights 

This link takes you to a number of Planned Parenthood events, forums and opportunities.

Silent Auction Call to Action – – How You Can Help

Even though our Annual Dinner/Silent Auction has been delayed, we are continuing to prepare for the event. We look forward to your help with items for the Silent Auction.

Here is a list of popular items and a donation form and receipt (to be used so we can keep track of the in-kind donations for campaign finance purposes — donations are not tax deductible).

As you may know, our Silent Auction helps defray the ticket cost of our Dinner, so we try very hard to make it a big success. We want to keep the ticket price as low as possible and still keep the event profitable. It’s especially important this year because we now pay $750/month in rent, which is $9000/year, which is a fairly new expense.

It takes several months to obtain auction items, prepare them for display and plan the table layout, so we are starting now to reach out for donations.

If you’ve been doing summer cleaning, are simplifying, downsizing, have moved recently, will be moving soon, or received holiday gifts that you’d like to “re-gift”, please think of the WCDP.

Please feel free to bring items to HQs or contact me about collecting them from you. Reply to this email or call HQ at 513-228-2400.
Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and generosity.

Stay Informed About Statehouse Activity

Since 2017, our friend Rachel Coyle has done a magnificent job creating this space to follow statehouse activities and keep us all informed.

Keep up with all the comings and goings at the statehouse and following her calls to action at https://www.facebook.com/groups/howthingsworkoh.

You can download useful documents, ask questions, or invite us to come speak to your group.

Check out the “Files” section for documents that will help you advocate for/against important bills.

You can support Rachel in her effort to maintain and expand “How Things Work”? Donate here.

Recurring Contributions

Finally, please consider becoming a recurring monthly donor to the Warren County Democratic Party.  Every little bit helps.  Even $5.00 a month helps us build the Party and help our candidates.  Winning elections requires resources;  please consider being a sustaining member.