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2022 Democratic Candidates

Please note that where more than one Democratic candidate is listed for a primary election, candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name and the WCDP has not officially endorsed any candidate unless explicitly noted.

Please contribute to our state candidates fund! Contributions to this fund will be used specifically to help candidates for state office (including our state legislators) get elected.

US Senate

Tim Ryan

US House of Representatives (OH-01)

Greg Landsman

Ohio Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Nan Whaley
Cheryl Stephens
Lieutenant Governor

Ohio Attorney General

Jeffrey Crossman

Ohio Secretary of State

Chelsea Clark

Ohio Treasurer

Scott Schertzer

State Auditor

Taylor Sappington

Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court

Jennifer Brunner

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

Marilyn Zayas
Terri Jamison

Ohio Senate, District 7

David Dallas

Ohio Representative, District 56

Joy Bennett

Ohio Representative, District 55

Paul Zorn

Warren County Commissioner

Nabila Babar