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2022 Post-Election Volunteer Survey

As we reflect on the 2022 election, we’re trying to improve our voter outreach efforts to ensure that we can get out every single Democratic vote in Warren County. So we’re asking folks who volunteered during the 2022 campaign — and folks who didn’t volunteer — to share their own experiences and let us know how they think we can improve. Please fill out the survey below as honestly as you feel comfortable doing; your answers will be reviewed by the WCDP Leadership Team but won’t be made public in any way.

How did you volunteer during this election cycle?
Check any/all that apply.
What did you feel was most effective in reaching voters? What did you think was particularly well-organized or run very smoothly?
What roadblocks did you run into in contacting voters? What did you think was ineffective or could have been improved? Where in the process did you experience frustration or disappointment? What did you think could be better organized or run more smoothly?
Why did you volunteer with the party on voter outreach in the particular way you did? What might have gotten you to volunteer more or to volunteer for something else? What volunteer opportunities would you like to see more of?
Please list any thoughts you have as to what we in the Warren County Democratic Party might improve our voter outreach to win more Democratic votes - whether small (like different campaign literature, etc.) or large (new outreach ideas).
Would you be interested in working with us further to refine and improve our voter outreach processes?
Check all that apply.