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GOTV 2024 – Volunteer Form

The 2024 election is the most important election of our lifetime. It will decide whether women, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color will continue to have equal rights under the law. It will determine whether all the hard-won progress we’ve made on climate, infrastructure, education, and the economy over the last few decades will continue. But most importantly, the 2024 election will decide whether America continues to be a democracy and a free country ruled by law — or whether our democracy, freedoms, and way of life will crumble as the far-right establishes a lawless dictatorship ruled by a convicted felon, and forces every American to conform to their narrow preferences.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and every patriotic American needs to do their part to ensure that democracy, freedom, and progress prevail in 2024.

Warren County will be one of the main battlegrounds of the fight for the future of America. Please complete this form about volunteer activities for the November election in support of the WCDP BLUEprint campaign. (Note that some activities will begin in the summer and others not until election season in the fall.)