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We Want *YOU* for the Central Committee!

Have you seen the mess Republicans are making in Warren County and in Ohio? Do you want to get more deeply involved in taking our state back from the far-right extremists who have taken it over? Do you think you can organize Democrats in your neighborhood?

If the answer is “yes,” then consider running for the Warren County Democratic Party Central Committee!

Each of the 175+ precincts in our county is represented in the WCDP by a Precinct Executive, who has several important jobs:

  • Organize Democrats in your neighborhood for voter registration, get-out-the-vote drives, canvassing, and other volunteer opportunities
  • Inform, organize, build, and energize your neighborhood’s Democrats about the WCDP and support its goals, messaging, and mission
  • Help us recruit and elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, particularly for local races
  • Serve as liaison between your neighborhood Democrats and the Warren County Democratic Party
  • Serve as a voting member of the WCDP Executive Committee, which provides advice and approval on party matters

Central Committee elections are on the primary election ballot, and happen every four years during the gubernatorial election year (which is the even years between presidential elections).

Here’s how you can run for the WCDP Central Committee in your precinct:

  1. Look up your voting precinct. Precinct Executives must live in the precinct they represent, but for precincts without a Precinct Executive, you can also be considered for appointment as an “at-large” member who can “adopt” a nearby precinct.
  2. Download this Declaration of Candidacy form (or call 513-228-2400 to have one mailed to you), fill it out, and return it to the Warren County Board of Elections: 520 Justice Dr., Lebanon, OH 45036, Attention Brian Sleeth
  3. Encourage Democrats in your neighborhood to vote for you on their Democratic primary ballot in May!

The deadline to fill out and return this form is 4:00pm, 90 days before the primary election — that’s February 2, 2022.

If you’d like more information, email WCDP Chair Bethe Goldenfield at chair@warrencountydems.org or fill out our contact form.