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Silent Auction Items Needed

We’re still looking for additional donations to round out and amplify our tremendous silent auction!

Here are some of the items we’re looking for:

  • Restaurant and retail gift certificates
  • Hair salon gift cards and products baskets
  • Personal services gift cards: Manicure, massage, facials, brows, waxing, dental care, etc.
  • Fresh flower arrangements from professional and home florists
  • Travel: Airline tickets, timeshares, vacation rentals, etc.
  • Garden baskets
  • Wine and wine baskets
  • Pet baskets and items
  • Craft beer or brewery items, baskets, and gift cards
  • Liquor and spirits: Individual items or basket ensembles (margarita, bourbon, Scotch, etc.)
  • Coffee or gourmet food baskets
  • Sports tickets: Baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, hockey
  • Event tickets: Theatre, music, symphony, dance, etc.
  • Handcrafted art, jewelry, woodworking, or pottery
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories
  • Lessons: Technology, art, sports, voice, cooking, music, etc.

Asking your service providers, retailers, and establishments you frequent often proves successful. The establishment’s name can be listed, or not, depending on whether they want the marketing publicity. We typically host 300 people and we encourage voting with our wallets.

We also need 5 or so medium to large woven wicker baskets with handles (like Easter basket type handles) to finish some baskets we’re putting together.

The deadline for donations is Monday, July 25th. If you have items to donate, there are a few ways to get them to us: bring them to the July 20th meeting, drop them off at WCDP Headquarters during our open hours, or let us know you need something picked up and we will make arrangements.

To donate something for our silent auction, please fill out this donation form for campaign finance reporting purposes.