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The Latest GOP Assault on Our Rights

In case you missed the news yesterday, the Ohio GOP is so desperate to cancel our basic freedoms that they’ve called a special election on August 8 to try to ram through new restrictions on constitutional amendments that would make it all but impossible for We The People to serve as a check on our gerrymandered, far-right state legislature. If the far-right Ohio GOP’s amendment passes in August, a 40% minority of voters will be able to block any amendment the majority wants — and out-of-state billionaires will be able to buy any policy they want, just with a few well-placed contributions to Republicans in the legislature. That’s corrupt, un-democratic, and un-American.

We’re working with the ODP and other patriotic groups in Ohio on a larger plan to fight for America and get out the vote in this August special election. Part of that plan is that we’d like to bank as many of our most dedicated Democrats’ votes early, by mail or at early voting, so that we can concentrate our efforts on getting out less frequent voters.

Please download, print, and fill out this mail-in ballot application — already pre-filled for the August 8 special election — and submit it to the Board of Elections as soon as possible. (Thanks to the Ohio GOP’s efforts to stamp out mail voting, you have to fill out a mail-in vote application for every election if you want to vote by mail.)

Please also let your friends, family, and neighbors know that if they aren’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time! The voter registration deadline for the August special election is July 10. Send them this link to register to vote.