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Making the Headlines – 6/13/23

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Ohio’s government shenanigans offer a continuous fountain of news. We’re curating the headlines each day so you can stay informed.

Issue 1

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Ballot Board must clarify the definition of “electors” in the language for Issue 1, on the ballot in August. It’s a travesty that the title is allowed to remain the same.


Higher Education

Health advocates worry the language [in the Ohio Senate’s draft budget bill] would make it easier for students to attend colleges without getting vaccines to prevent spreadable, communicable illnesses.


Ohio today is “The Heart of it All” for some of the most intellectually dishonest elected officials in state history, including holders of the five executive offices, legislative leaders and some Ohio Supreme Court members. All are conspirators in a plot to curtail the most basic element of a constitutional democracy – the right to self-government.