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New Analysis Shows Adam Mathews out of touch with voters, vulnerable in 2024

A majority of voters in his illegally-gerrymandered district support reproductive rights he’s built his career on opposing

A new analysis by the Warren County Democratic Party of voting data in the November 2023 election has found that Republican state representative Adam Mathews (HD-56) is vulnerable on the issue of reproductive rights.

The analysis, based on unofficial precinct-level voting data from the Warren County Board of Elections, found that voters in Mathews’s district supported Issue 1, the reproductive rights amendment, by a 53%-47% margin.

Map of Ohio HD-56 showing a 53% majority for reproductive choiceDeerfield Township and Mason in particular are pro-choice hotbeds, with the vast majority of precincts in the southwestern corner of Warren County solidly supporting reproductive rights. Several precincts in Lebanon also had majority support for Issue 1.

Mathews has built his entire political career on denying women’s reproductive rights, making his name as the author of Lebanon’s “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinance — an ordinance soon to be repealed, as it was rendered unconstitutional by the new reproductive rights amendment.

Warren County Democratic Party chair Kelly Sakalas says Mathews is vulnerable to the right candidate. “On November 7, a solid majority of voters in Adam Mathews’s district categorically rejected his signature policy. They deserve a real alternative, someone who will fight for our precious freedoms rather than trying to take them away.”

Sakalas continued: “Despite the election proving that Ohio is a pro-choice state, extremist Republicans like Mathews have pledged to do everything they can to undermine or ignore the will of the people. Make no mistake, reproductive rights are on the ballot in 2024, just like they were on November 7. When we turn out the pro-choice voters in HD56 again next year, they’ll tell Mathews to take a hike.”