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Support the Warren County Career Center

Support the Warren County Career Center!

On March 19, 2024, Warren County voters will go to the polls to vote in the March primary election. (Click here for more information about how to register and vote in the March primary.) Democrats don’t have any contested seats in the March primary, but there is an important ballot initiative for much of Warren County to build a new secondary campus for the Warren County Career Center (WCCC).

One of the Democratic Party’s top priorities is to open up opportunities for all Americans to find not just jobs but careers that will pay well, offer benefits and stability, and provide everyone with the chance to support themselves and their families. Places like the Warren County Career Center form a crucial part of this tapestry, providing education and training for the high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.

But the WCCC needs our help! Right now, they have to turn away about 1/3 of the students who apply for training in in-demand high-wage careers because they just don’t have the space to support them. Passing this ballot issue will enable the WCCC to accept everyone who wants training in the jobs of tomorrow by building a new secondary campus for the jobs of the future and use the existing facilities to offer adult education during the day and evening.

This ballot initiative will raise $67 million in Warren County and unlock $21.6 million in funding from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The WCCC issue will be Issue #7 on the ballot for all voters who live in the Lebanon, Little Miami, Franklin, Springboro, Kings, or Waynesville school districts.

At our January 2024 meeting, the WCDP Executive Committee voted to officially endorse the March ballot issue for the Warren County Career Center and spend party funds to promote the ballot issue via mailings to Democratic voters. Please join us in voting for this crucial ballot issue and spreading the word about it to your friends, family, and neighbors! Together, we can make Warren County a better place to live and work!

How You Can Help

Here’s how you can help us get out the vote to support WCCC and unlock opportunities for working families right here in Warren County:

  • Support our postcard campaign: The Warren County Democratic Party is sending postcards to 6,300 Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent voters in WCCC’s sending districts, urging them to vote YES on Issue 7. The party is printing the postcards using $1,500 in party funding, but we need to raise contributions to cover the postage costs — about $2,200 total. Click here to contribute to the postcard campaign.
  • Greet voters at early voting: We need people to stand outside Warren County’s early voting site (the Board of Elections) and help spread the word about the important WCCC vote. Click here to sign up for a 2-3 hour shift.
  • Spread the word! A lot of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters in Warren County assume that because we don’t have any contested primaries, they’ve got no reason to vote. It’s our job to let them know that the WCCC needs their support this March! Please share this link on social media and talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the WCCC’s important mission and the opportunities this new funding could unlock.

Click here for more information.