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Warren County Democrats Endorse Laura Marie Davis in HD-55, Announce 2024 Campaign Plan

WCDP Chair Kelly Sakalas: “We’re excited to bring our Democratic slate to the voters of Warren County.”

At their Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday night, the Warren County Democratic Party (WCDP) officially endorsed Laura Marie Davis for Ohio House of Representatives District 55, covering the northern half of Warren County, and announced their 2024 campaign plan “BLUEprint 2024.” (The Ohio Democratic Party already endorsed Davis at their statewide Executive Committee meeting on Saturday.)

WCDP chair Kelly Sakalas responded to the endorsement: “Laura is bringing energy, intelligence, compassion, and new ideas to the 55th district. It’s a tough district for a Democrat, but we’ve got the right candidate. We’re thrilled to endorse her and excited to see what she can do to bring more voters into the Democratic fold.”

With the endorsement in HD-55 as well as those from the Ohio Democratic Party in the presidential, US Senate, US House, and state Supreme Court races, the Democratic slate in Warren County is now complete. At the Wednesday meeting, Sakalas announced the Warren County Democratic Party’s campaign plan for this crucial election, BLUEprint 2024.

“President Biden, Senator Brown, and Representative Landsman have led the country to four years of record low unemployment, preserved our hard-won reproductive freedoms, kept moving forward on the economy of the 21st century, worked to protect the climate, and defended democracy in the US and abroad,” added Sakalas. “And with three state Supreme Court seats up for grabs as well as the state legislature and, we hope, the new Citizens Not Politicians anti-gerrymandering amendment, there’s a lot on the ballot for Warren County Democrats to vote for. We’re proud to stand by our candidates, fight to preserve their accomplishments, and keep America moving forward under Democratic leadership.”

Warren County is rapidly growing and changing. With the steady expansion of the Cincinnati and Dayton metropolitan areas, Warren County is turning from what was once a rural Republican stronghold into a more and more purple county. Sakalas sees BLUEprint 2024 as the first stage in a long-term strategy to build a Democratic Party infrastructure that is positioned to capitalize on that change and ensure that as the county grows in population it will also grow in quality of life.

“MAGA Republicans have a plan, called Project 2025, to remove checks and balances from the government so they can force their extremist values down the throat of every American,” noted Sakalas. “BLUEprint 2024 is how we fight back and stop that plan before it starts: with persuasion and get-out-the-vote efforts, improved data operations, communications and digital advertising, and relational organizing. The Democratic platform is the American values platform, and we’re all eager to work hard and fight for the future of our democracy.”