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WCDP Monthly Meeting

May 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
WCDP Headquarters
1231 Columbus Ave.
Suite G-2, Lebanon
OH 45036

Join us for our May meeting at WCDP Headquarters. This month’s guest speaker will be Jim Purvis, the author of Democrats 101: A Primer for Us. Here’s a description of the book:

What is a Democrat? Why is it so hard to define, and why do we keep letting the Republicans do it? Why do we squabble when we should be united? Why do we drift endlessly into policy disputes when bigger things are at stake?

We have core values. We have basic truths that each and every one of us believe in, regardless of who we are. We have universal truths that are American to their core, values that have their roots in the Declaration of Independence, values that appeal beyond our party. We’ve waffled around long enough. We need to proclaim these values. Now. Publicly. Before it’s too late.

This is a unique moment in American history. Enormous change is underway, change that offers enormous progress on one hand, instability and Reaction on the other. If we want to lead America forward through this, if we want to move this nation towards a more just society for decades to come, then we need to show that we are more than just a political organization. We need to show that we are more than “the other party”. We need to set out a beacon that everyone can see. We need to proclaim a statement of basic values that even our opponents can’t deny, a creed that rises above politics, a creed that not only says “this is us”, it says “this is America!”.

Democrats 101 is about an idea: that we need to see our future in bigger terms than politics and campaigns. Democrats 101 is about starting a national discussion, a movement by rank and file to put us on the proper path to navigate the uncertainty that is going to surround us for the next twenty years.

This book is not the answer, it’s about finding the answer. It’s about how we got into this mess, and how we get out. It’s about finding our basic values. If you care about the Democratic Party, if you believe we can be more than just a political party, Democrats 101 is a place to start. As one supporter put it, “This book makes me proud to be a Democrat.”

Please note that per ODP and DNC guidelines, proof of vaccination will be required for all attendees age 5+. Masks are preferred but not required. We will be streaming the meeting on Facebook Live as well, for those who can’t join us in-person… check our Facebook page on the evening of the event to watch our stream.