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As part of our efforts to gear up for the busy 2023-24 election seasons, we’re forming committees to fulfill key party functions more effectively and give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate and lead. Please fill out this form to indicate which committee(s) you’d like to join.


Political Committee

  • Candidate Recruitment & Tracking
  • Farm Team
  • Incumbent Relations
  • Candidate & Campaign Training & Mentoring
  • Community | Organization Outreach
  • Coalition-building: Partner Table
  • Warren County Democratic Judicial Committee
  • Research Team
  • Screening & Endorsements
  • Election & Coordinated Campaign Planning
Join the Political Committee

Communications Committee

  • Social Media: content calendar & regular meetings
  • Earned Media including OpEds, press releases, etc.
  • Rapid Response
  • Strategic Messaging work sessions
  • Email
  • Keep website updated & refreshed
  • Digital advertising
Join the Communications Committee

Fundraising & Budget Committee

  • Continue to build on already successful annual fundraising Gala
  • Increase fundraising dollars by adding fundraising tactics and small events
  • Expand budgeting process
  • Include committees in request process
Join the Fundraising & Budget Committee

Engagement & Events Committee

  • Programming
    • Roundtable discussion topics
    • Guest speakers and event discussions
    • Civic Ed workshops, initiatives, communications
  • Watchdogs: Citizens engaged in local government meetings to hold accountable and generate local interest
  • Social events
    • Build relationships and inspire participation
    • Women’s Group re-launch
  • “Democrats Care” service projects
Join the Engagement & Events Committee