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Making the Headlines – 6/13/23

Ohio’s government shenanigans offer a continuous fountain of news. We’re curating the headlines each day so you can stay informed.

Issue 1

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Ballot Board must clarify the definition of “electors” in the language for Issue 1, on the ballot in August.

We’re over 3,000!

A quick update on our progress gathering signatures for the reproductive freedom amendment: As of yesterday, we’ve officially met our minimum goal of 3,000 signatures! We’ve still got a month or so to go, so we’re going to keep gathering signatures in pursuit of our stretch goal of 6,000 signatures.

A huge thank you to our regional team leads, our data team, our petition circulators, and especially to everyone who has signed so far!

If you haven’t had the chance to sign the petition yet, you can drop in at WCDP HQ (1231 Columbus Ave., Lebanon) on Saturdays 10-4 or Sundays 1-4 to sign.

The Latest GOP Assault on Our Rights

In case you missed the news yesterday, the Ohio GOP is so desperate to cancel our basic freedoms that they’ve called a special election on August 8 to try to ram through new restrictions on constitutional amendments that would make it all but impossible for We The People to serve as a check on our gerrymandered, far-right state legislature.

WCDP Gathers 120 Signatures for Reproductive Freedom Amendment

On Sunday, we were proud to be one of the sites to collect the initial set of signatures for the Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety amendment to go on the ballot in 2023. We collected 120 signatures at our county party headquarters, and today the coalition announced that they’ve gathered the required 1,000 signatures to file the amendment paperwork with the state’s attorney general!

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the event and everyone who signed the petition.

WCDP Women’s Group Raises ~$1,150 for Safe on Main

Last week, the WCDP Women’s Group relaunched with a Valentine’s Day donation to Safe on Main (formerly ARCS).

Due to all the generous and caring WCDP Women’s Group members who supported Safe on Main’s residents and clients, we were able to donate about $1,150 to Safe on Main along with our personalized Valentine’s cards!

Thank you to our “artistic director” Diana Contario, for creating this beautiful basket to deliver our cards, and to everyone who joined us and contributed to make this relaunch a success!

New Quilt Drawing: Tulip Garden

“Tulip Garden” is a queen sized quilt done in spring colors and bordered in coordinating fabrics. The soft pinks yellows and blues bring springtime to mind. The quilters also used some hand dyed pieces for this one.

The quilt will be awarded at the November 2023 (November 15th, 2023) Executive Committee meeting.

Donate $5 for one or $20 for 6 opportunities to make this quilt your own.

100% of the donations generated from the quilt sale support the Warren County Democratic Party, including training and supporting candidates running for office.

Reflections on the 2022 General Election

Now that the dust has (mostly) settled from Tuesday’s midterm elections, we’re taking stock of where we are — our victories and our defeats.

First, the good news: We’re going to have a new Democratic congressman! Greg Landsman defeated Steve Chabot to claim victory.

2022 Gala & Silent Auction – THANK YOU!

What an inspiring afternoon at our Warren County Democratic Party 2022 Gala and Silent Auction! Fantastic speeches from our candidates, great conversations at our tables, some wonderful items to bid on at our silent auction, and over $20,000 raised to help us turn Warren County blue this November!

THANK YOU all of the volunteers, table sponsors, and guests who made this event possible.

And a huge thank you to the following people:

Silent Auction Team: Diana Contario and Bethe Goldenfield (Coordinators), Kathlene Applegate, Sharon Campbell, Chris Ohlinger, Carol Sleeth, Melva Soderlund, Caryn Weckstein Volunteer Coordinators: Diana Contario, Bethe Goldenfield, John Marrone Graphic Design: Laura Kujawa Ticket and Campaign Finance: Bethe Goldenfield and Chris Ohlinger The fantastic staff at the Manor House Everyone who volunteered to help set up and clean up, staff the silent auction, check-in, and nametag tables, and do all the other little things that made our Gala & Silent Auction so great.

We’d also like to thank all of the candidates who were able to join us to make the afternoon such a success:

Cheryl Stephens, Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor Greg Landsman, Democratic nominee for US House, OH-01 Taylor Sappington, Democratic nominee for state auditor Judge Marilyn Zayas, Democratic candidate for Ohio Supreme Court Joy Bennett, Democratic nominee for Ohio House of Representatives, HD-56 Paul Zorn, Democratic nominee for Ohio House of Representatives, HD-55 Nabila Babar, Democratic candidate for Warren County Commissioner

Here are some pictures from the event:

Congratulations to Joy Bennett, HD-56 Nominee!

We’d like to congratulate our new District 56 nominee Joy Bennett on a hard-won victory in last night’s primary. We’re ready and eager to do what it takes to help you win and start taking back our state house!

We’d also like to thank Sam Cao for running such a positive and energetic campaign.

Fill out our 2022 Volunteer Survey!

At our July meeting, we passed out a survey for party members to fill out, indicating where you would be willing to volunteer with the county party in helping fulfill our 2022 goals.

If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting — or if you just didn’t get around to filling the survey out — you can fill out the survey online.

Click here to fill out the survey!

We’re asking that members fill out the survey before 5:00pm Monday, July 25 so that the leadership team can plan out our priorities and where we need to ask specific people for extra help as we head into one of the most important elections of our lifetime this fall.

We’re aiming for as much participation as we can get.